Adulting by Neharika Gupta | Book Review

Title: Adulting

Author: Neharika Gupta

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 216

Published: August, 2019

Rating: 3.5/5

Social media manager and popular blogger Aisha is flirty and flamboyant … even as she battles personal demons that tell her she must stop eating if she wants to stay pretty.
Ruhi couldn’t be more different from her friend Aisha. Working at Litracy Publishing, she feels grossly underappreciated by the editor-in-chief, who happens to be her mother. What keeps her going are her own ambitions – and her handsome author Tejas.
Bestselling novelist Tejas has a bad case of writer’s block. He leans on Ruhi for emotional support before getting enamoured by Aisha as he struggles to live up to everyone’s expectations, including his own.
Bold and unapologetic, this is a story of love and self-discovery, heartache and book launches.


I usually don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this time I am guilty. The only reason why I picked the book is this cover. I really loved it. It’s creative and eye catching.

The title of the book that is “Adulting” gives us a rough idea of what’s coming inside. Yes, you are right, this book is written considering the lives and the minds of an adult. There are three main characters in the book Tejus, Ruhi, and Aisha, and the story is narrated by them.
Tejus gets his debut book published through Ruhi’s Publication house. During this they spend much of their time together, and eventually end up in a relationship. Aisha is a popular social media influencer. She is hired in Ruhi’s publication to enhance the sales and promote new authors. And this was a beginning of a love triangle.

The story has shown friendship, love, betrayal and all other emotions. But it wasn’t something new, there are plenty of novels and movies based on such love triangles. The plot is good, but it lacked the element of surprise and gets monotonous at certain chapters.

The book can be read in one sitting only, making it perfect for traveling. The language is simple yet fascinating. Neharika’s strong narration skills can be easily seen in this story.

The author has brilliantly explained everything that goes on in a publishing house. So, if you want to know about publishing industry through a work of fiction, I do recommend this book.

About the Author:

Neharika Gupta is a writer, poet, yogi and martial arts practitioner. She worked in publishing for a year before shifting to writing full-time. She holds a B.A. (H) in English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women and an M.A. in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University, UK.

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