“Marvel Novels—Civil War” by Stuart Moore | Book Review

Title: Marvel Novels—Civil War

Author: Stuart Moore

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Published: June, 2019

Rating: 4/5


Iron man and Captain america: two core members of the Avengers, the world’s greatest super hero team. When a tragic battle blows a hole in the city of Stamford, killing hundreds of people, the U.S. government demands that all super heroes unmask and register their powers. To Tony Stark-Iron Man- it’s a regrettable but necessary step. To captain america, it’s an unbearable assault on civil liberties.


I’m a huge fan of Marvel Comics and super hero movies. And I was really happy that I go to read this book.
I have been following Marvels for a long time. I have read many comics and have watched each & every movie. So, I was able to resonate much with it.
As for the story of this book, it’s not exactly the story from graphic novel(s), nor does it track the movie, so it’s quite the original material. Stuart Moore obviously did his homework. The book has a dynamic storytelling at a breakneck pace, which is done with grace and a unique style.

There are few Superheroes such as Wolverine and Fantastic four in the book which was not shown in the movie, so that took me by surprise. But the main story revolves around four characters namely —Peter Parker, Reed Richards, tony Stark and Steve Rogers The first half of the event was kind of Brilliant. It started off with a nightmarish situation that propelled the registration act into law, and Spider- Man unmasking himself on live TV was kind of shocking move. It could have made for some great storytelling in spider-man’s own series.

Moore did a good job at adapting civil war to prose, but the story needed to be simplified or lengthened to leave more room for character development and explanation. Overall, this was very entertaining read and I’ll definitely recommend this book to Marvel or super hero lovers.
If you are not a Marvel comic reader or Super hero fan, I have no idea how this would resonate.

About the Author:
Stuart Moore is an American writer and editor of comic books and novels.
Stuart is also a freelance editor and partner in Botfriend, a graphic novel packaging company. He has worked as a book editor at St. Martin’s Press, publishing a wide variety of science fiction and pop culture books. More recently he has served as editor of the Virgin Comics / SciFi Channel comics line and of the bestselling Marvel Knights imprint. At DC Comics, Stuart was a founding editor of the acclaimed Vertigo imprint, where he won the Will Eisner award for Best Editor 1996 and the Don Thompson Award for Favorite Editor 1999.

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