A Year of Wednesdays by Sonia Bahl | Book Review

Title: A Year of Wednesdays

Author: Sonia Bahl

Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing

Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 280

Published: March, 2019

Rating: 4/5


Airplanes present quite a perplexing social dilemma. It’s difficult to meet people with similar interests, and equally difficult to leave annoying conversations. But, sometimes we find such interesting people in a flight that we end up spending a wonderful time even though we know that we are not gonna see them again. Such strangers make our journeys special and memorable.

The story of the book is based on such two strangers; a man in his late twenties and a mother with two children, on seats 7A and 7B of a flight; who have nothing in common, who couldn’t even talk much at first and later become good friends. On their 15 hours long journey, these two strangers with different thinking and lifestyle, talks about their life and everything, and they get so immersed in the conversation that they forget they are mere strangers. But then they leave the cabin without even glancing back at each other, jumping right back into their dramatically different lives. Never to meet again. But somehow they continue to travel together—interlocked forever through an inexplicable connectedness. One time, one encounter, really lasts a lifetime.

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into with this book, but it ended up being a fun, enjoyable read. The story is gripping with lots of humour and sarcasm, making it more interesting. There is something special and magical about this story of how two strangers leave a great impact on each other. The book is divided into many small chapters, each representing a Wednesday, making the title of the book. I really like the cover of the book, it’s simple yet attractive.

Sonia bahl did a really great job, I loved her writing style and narration. She has used lesser- known words, many movies references and combined them up in a classic narration. It’s a simple story with simple characters, but the author successfully builds depth in the conversations the characters share. This is the kind of book to sit with at the end of a long, mentally draining day.
Read the story yourself and join the journey of these two strangers becoming good friends.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Kolkata, Sonia has lived and worked in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta, Miami, Brussels, Johannesburg, and Singapore. With home being everywhere and nowhere, her belief in the power of the moment became a religion. An affirmation that unexpected and undeniable human connections are everything. Meanwhile, on the work front, she spent a huge chunk of her life, her days, and sleepless nights, in advertising—writing ads for all things from coffee and cars to condoms and candy—while dreaming of morphing 30-second commercials to full-length feature films. Not surprisingly, she threw caution, and her full-time job as creative director, to the winds and embarked on a riveting rejection-filled screenwriting journey in the US. Finally her day job entails writing movies! In a recent, delightful plot twist, her debut novel, The Spectacular Miss, was optioned by a leading Bollywood studio and she was commissioned to write the screenplay. Sonia writes and re-writes in Singapore where she lives with her menagerie: gorgeous itinerant daughter, honorary proofreader husband, and her made-for-the-movies golden retriever, Ari Gold.

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