Ballots and Breakups: The Games Politicians Play By Sunita Aron | Book Review

Title: Ballots and Breakups

Author: Sunita Aron

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Genre: Non-fiction

Page Count: 146

Published: June, 2019

Rating: 4/5

In this insightful and incisive book about coalition politics in India, veteran journalist Sunita Aaron takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through an era of coalition governments and how they are formed. Aaron talks about the basis of stable coalitions in Indian states, and the viability of multi-party coalition governments at the national level, she also examines the dynamics of competition and coalition formation. The book consists of 11 chapters which are based on extensive collection of information and interviews with politicians.


Politics is a game of chess. It has king, Queen, Bishops, Knights and Pawn, too. Everyone has their own powers and strategies to win this game of politics. The author in this book has perfectly shown the truth about Indian politics with a dash of sarcasm. This book is not biased towards any political parties or politician, but voters.

Ballots and breakups is the most compelling, innovative, riveting and perhaps challenging study of the Indian politics. This book will remove the blindfold that all those political parties and politicians covered your eyes with.
The author has brilliantly explained everything that goes on in Indian Political system, from the things that you see in the newspapers and media to the things that you don’t. Hats off to the author’s efforts to explain each and every part of Indian Political system with humour. This book explained the real definition of democracy, which is getting lost these days.

I recommend this book to everyone, especially students who are going to be the future voters of our country. This book will make the voters understand the tactics that these politicians play to get votes. It is written in a simple language; one that is especially tailor-made for readers who are looking to get a basic idea of the politics of India.

About the Author:

Sunita Aron is a political analyst and senior resident editor, Hindustan Times (Lucknow edition), having in-depth knowledge of the political, social and economic environment, acquired over more than three decades as a journalist. Besides being the first resident editor in North India, she held charge of the Uttarakhand and Rajasthan editions and also worked as roving editor atHindustan Times, Mumbai. A regular blogger, she provides insights into a variety of social and political issues. She earlier wrote Akhilesh Yadav: Winds of Change (2013)

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