Give your heart a break by Anuj Tiwari | Book Review

Title: Give your heart a break

Author: Anuj Tiwari

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Genre: Literature and Fiction

Page Count: 208

Published: May, 2019

Rating: 5/5


The story starts with Arjun, a struggling author who has been fighting anxiety for months, and there is only one person who is helping him cope with it, and that is his aunt. Not just his personal life, Dimpy aunty gives him suggestions for his professional life, too. And as soon as Arjun got the international youngest author Award, she suggested him to write his cousin Addya’s story.
Addya, a strong and ambitious girl whose life has been torn apart after she married Bali. She has sacrificed her career, her dreams to marry Bali. Although the marriage was arranged, but she turned it into love as she dated Bali for few weeks before tying the knots. He was a sweet & caring person, but after getting married, everything changed. She suffered with the pain of physical abuse and domestic violence, until one day she decides to leave him and comes back to her parent’s house. But, the story doesn’t end here, she now has to fight a case against her in-laws.

Marriage is an important part of everyone’s life, especially a girl’s life, as she is the one who has to leave her own house and settle down with her in-laws. Marrying someone you don’t know completely can lead to something you wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams. No one likes to live in a home where they have a constant fear of torture. Unfortunately, this is the reality of many women in our country who continue to suffer from domestic violence. Around 27 per cent married women in India face physical violence, and it’s infuriating how some males think that it’s manly to beat and force their wives. Patriarchal attitudes are deeply entrenched in the minds of such males, and these skinned monsters cross all these limits to prove their dominance.

The plot of the book is very inspiring yet heart breaking. The Author has given a really strong and much-needed message with this story. And hats off to the courage Addya showed when she let the author pen down her story. Not everyone is brave enough to tell people about their past.

When the whole world turns against you, your family will be there to support you. We have heard this many times and this book proved it. It showed an unconditional sibling love. I really admired the way Agastya took care of his sister, even when he was not well himself. And how he give her the much-needed justice. This is something really inspiring.The characters are really well-developed that we feel linked to them from the first page onward. I really liked the character of Tarjani who helped Addya in gaining normalcy and achieving her dreams.

I would recommend this book to everyone, whether that’s a teenager, or a parent, everyone must read this book once, so that somewhere sometime another Addya can be saved from Bali.

About the Author:

A TEDx speaker and marketing consultant settled in Mumbai, ANUJ TIWARI was brought up on the bustling streets of Bareilly. Tiwari studied in a Hindi-Sanskrit medium school where there were no English books. Seeing the kids of his neighbourhood reading colourful storybooks, he started building dreams of being able to read in English; however, he kept those dreams to himself. Despite going through six months of depression and severe anxiety and trying to give up on his life in college, Tiwari is now the bestselling author of four books, inspired by real-life incidents. He has also been listed as one of the top ten most influential authors in India in 2016. This book is Anuj Tiwari’s most personal creation, inspired by his own family.

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