Virago by Ritiqa Pachauri | Book Review

Title: Virago

Author: Ritiqa Pachauri

Publisher: Paper towns publishers

Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 142

Published: December, 2018

Rating: 3.5/5


It’s the story of Radhika Mithra, a 30-year old married women and the most successful chartered accountant in Jaipur. Her husband krishnav was a successful businessman, and they had a son named Shriyansh. But, her married life is not working well because of her husband’s arrogance and impatience. He never listens to her point of views, and Radhika has been tolerating that for years just for the sake of their marriage, but the situation is getting worse, day by day. One day she decides to take things in her own hands, and to make her life better. She had been living for others yet, and now she wants to live for herself. She wants to do something greater in life, she wants to liver her dreams, the ones she let go of when she married Krishnav. But, will she be able to convince her husband? Will she live a life she has been dreaming of?

This story shows the patience a woman has, and how a woman tries her best to balance both personal and professional life, even if she has to sacrifice few of her own dreams.
The story has a taste of Bollywood as well, it has twists & turns, drama and a bit of suspense, too.
Many authors tend to characterize the protagonist very well, while leaving the other characters vague. But, Ritiqa has done an excellent job of developing all the characters perfectly, whether that’s the protagonist, her husband or her father. And by this, we get to understand each & every character’s thinking and how they affect the protagonist.

At some points, I felt that I was not able to link to the story, and there was a bit of confusion. And it got boring somewhere in the middle.
Although, the story is very well written, but I felt that there was nothing new in the story, we have read many similar stories and watched many similar movies. But, overall it was a good read & I would recommend it. The characters are strong, the language is simple language, and the chapters are short, so anyone can finish it in single go.

About the Author:

Ritiqa Pachauri is an English teacher who loves telling stories to children. Virago is her second novel after ‘The Affair’. She lives in Jaipur with her family.

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