The Ascent of Love by Rooprashi | Book Review

Title: The Ascent of Love

Author: Rooprashi

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 179

Published: May, 2019

Rating: 4/5


The Ascent of love
It is the story of Taara singh, an engineering student who understands the meaning of Love when she meets Vedant. Both are completely opposites, they have completely different perspectives. But as we have heard “opposites attract”, so they fall in love.
Taara dreams to become an expert mountaineer, but she feels that Vedant and his love is coming between her dreams, so slowly they move apart and finally break up. And within few months, Taara joins the Mountaineering Institute, without realising what awaits her there. Yes, it’s Vedant we are talking about. They meet again, fate brings them to each other again. But, will their love blossom this time? Will Taara achieve her dreams? Read the book to know the answers.

The cover of the book is beautiful. I really loved it. It shows mountains, snow, romance, everything to give us a feeling of adventure. The cover perfectly relates to the story.

I liked the character of Taara more than Vedant. She looked like someone headstrong, someone who can take rational decisions when it comes to her dreams, someone who can inspire others to do same. I felt that Vedant’s character is vaguely developed. There is no proper explanation of why he does what he does, as we see in the case of Taara’s character. Her thoughts, dreams, perspective, everything is given in the book. But, there is nothing much about Vedant’s thoughts.
The story is based in Kashmir and I have now read three books, one after another, which are based in Kashmir. And I really can’t wait to explore this place now.

The author has so beautifully described every place, from Udhampur to the mountaineering institute, that it felt like I was the one travelling through these landscapes. The author used very simple language, and thus it can be easily read by beginners as well.

It’s a sweet love story and I would surely recommend it to other readers.

About the Author:
Management Executive, author and blogger, Rooprashi is an individual brimming with stories. The author, whose debut novel “The Girl Who Saw It All” made waves across the country, possesses both compassion and composure as well as a capacity for empathy that is clearly reflected in her writing. She writes with an aim to motivate her readers and infuse positivity in society.
She loves writing motivational and spiritual pieces as well as quotes. For more info on her writing and updates on her latest articles and books, you can visit her website
You can also connect with her:
Facebook : Rooprashi
Instagram: @rooprashi

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