The Mind Game by Devika Das | Book Review

Title: The Mind Game

Author: Devika Das

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers

Genre: Self-help

Page Count: 214

Published: July, 2018

Rating: 4.5/5

Crests and troughs, ups and downs, joys and sorrows are a part of everyone’s lives. While many choose to simply succumb to bad times, the winner is the one who remains strong, successfully wades off negativity and rises, unbound. All of us, at some point of time, have experienced situations involving emotional outbursts where we have, albeit unknowingly, hurt others or even our own self and have only ended up regretting our actions. Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow become mindful of our current emotional state and maintain equilibrium in our personal and professional lives? Moreover, mindfulness helps us realize what we really want from life. It helps us to first think, then act and not vice-versa. The Mind Game is a self-improvement guide that talks about how to manage emotions wisely, and lead a powerful, but stress free life.


“Happiness, stress, ecstasy or depression, it’s all a mind game. As long as our mind is under our control, everything else is. That’s what The Mind Game is all about.”

This book is my best read of 2019 so far. It is a must read for everyone, especially for those who say “Why me?” at every little problem that comes in their way.
This book is journey from unhappiness or sorrow towards happiness or joy.
The book is divided into 6 sections and each section has few chapters, which are again divided into sub topics, thus making the topics easy to comprehend and we can easily get back to a particular topic without much searching. Each topic is explained in details and in an easy-to-read language so you can get straight to the point. The content of this book can be proved very helpful in ones personality development.

I was especially able to relate to section 5 which is “Angry? Don’t Be!”, as I really think that I needed anger management tips. Although, many people have suggested many things to control anger but none of them ever worked for me. But the way author has described everything in the book is commendable. I didn’t just read these anger management tips, I have also started applying that to my daily life, and to be honest, I am seeing some improvements.
I also liked the concept of Love & Fear that has really changed the way I perceived these two emotions.

This book has the ability to help a person heal, and to accept the difficulties in life. The contents of the book teach us how to look at these hardships through a more positive angle. The beauty of the book is that it teaches us to rise above our current situation, without taking the support of anything or anyone.

I highlighted recommend this book but I urge you to follow the tips from your heart, so you can feel the results. Any self help book is not about only reading but bringing it to practice. So even if you read many books and not follow a single advice, its useless reading. I consider this book as the first book to be read if you are struggling to improve yourself.

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The Mind Game by Devika Das

About the Author:

An award-winning poet and author, Devika Das has 5 publications under her name. Her recent title ‘The Mind Game’ has received appreciation from India and abroad as well. What began as a hobby at the age of 13, graduated into blogging in 2008 and took shape of Publishing in 2016 when Devika self-published her first book titled ‘7 Vows of Marriage’ on Amazon Kindle. Her poetry book titled ‘Reminiscence’ has received critical acclaim and her poems have been published in national dailies and featured in anthologies too. She has participated in key literary events at Hyderabad and around India as well. Besides writing, Devika pursues her passion for Acting and is an active theatre artiste in Hyderabad and has featured in several short films.

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