Seasons by Priyam Acharya | Book Review

Title: Seasons

Author: Priyam Acharya

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Poetry

Page Count: 178

Published: January, 2019

Rating: 4/5


“Seasons” is an eclectic blend of works that would engage the seeker, the thinker, the die-hard romantic, the wanderer, the dreamer, the optimist, the sceptic, the artist, the closet philosopher and of course the poetry lover – there’s something for each of these! ‘The Silk Sari’ is about self-discovery, ‘Glass Shields Glass’ talks about a beautiful yet complicated relationship, ‘Barcelona’ poignantly describes the magnificence of the incomplete Basilica with a deeper view how often the imperfection is sweeter than perfection, ‘The Doodle’ reminisces a love from the past, ‘Varanasi’ is a reflective piece on spirituality. Sit back and embark upon a soul-searching journey, with your copy of ‘Seasons’.


Seasons is a collection of 162 marvellous poems, and each one of them bring out different emotions. Just like we have a variety of seasons, the author has written the poems on a variety of topics, some poems portray love and romance, some portray anguish, while others have a deep philosophical meaning.

The cover of the book gives positive vibes. It’s colourful and attractive. The title if the book is apt.

When I read the first poem, which is “Glass Shield Glass”, I knew I am going to love this book. It is wonderfully written.

My favourite poem from this book is-

“The colour of water”
“Sometimes love enter your life,
Like a drop of the ink in water.
Water may not take the colour
Of the ink in its entirety,
But the colour of water will never be the same.”

It’s a short poem, but it reflects the emotions of the author strongly. The author has arranged the 26 alphabets in the most appropriate way possible. Her writing is immensely powerful, honest and deeply moving. The sheer beauty of her words makes you want the book to never end.

The poems are very good, but they lack rhyming. If the rhyming was there, I would have enjoyed the book more, as I love reading rhyming poems more than free verses.

The book also talks about self discovery and self-love. It’s a delightful read to poetry lovers. The poems are straight words, nothing hard to understand. It is indeed a beautiful little book which needs to be revisited often.

About the Author:

A lawyer by qualification, artist and writer by passion, Priyam describes herself as dreamy yet determined. After having spent seven years in legal practice, she finally decided to take the leap of faith and began her journey of pursuing her dreams that led her to art and writing.

Priyam loves to read, travel and experience diverse cultures and the history behind the places she visits – exploring every country falling on the ancient Silk Route is one of her craziest travel fantasies. Working on this compilation has been a process of self-discovery for her. Finding her inspiration in the most random events, daily objects and people and the way they behave, she believes that she’s at her happiest and most peaceful state of being while she writes or paints abstracts.

Based out of Mumbai, she’s happily married to Aaditya, since 2015 – whom she also calls her favorite travel buddy and spiritual half. Together, they feature their travel pictures and photographic reflections on day to day life on @thedustysuitcase (Instagram)

Priyam would love to interact with you and hear your feedback. She may be followed on Instagram @priyam.ravi or via email on

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