Review of “Kaleidoscope of Love” by Priyanka Bhuyan

Title: Kaleidoscope of Love

Author: Priyanka Bhuyan


Genre: Short stories, anthology

Page Count: 90

Published: January, 2018

Rating: 4/5

Love, the strongest human emotion to ever exist. But what is love and why are its colour so myriad? Love can range from the purest form of mother’s love to the tragic feeling of unrequited love. And also to the silent love which continues even after it is gone. Love is basically like a kaleidoscope and it changes colour in all human relations with time.


Some love stories have a way of speaking straight to your soul, and this book is a collection of such ten short love stories, with each one showing love with a different perspective. Each story brings a magnitude of emotions. Be it joy, sadness or even excitement. “Kaleidoscope of Love” is bound to leave you content in the end.

The story which I liked the most is “I see you”, which showed the love of Tarun and Jhumki. Tarun is a survivor of a major accident and his face is disfigured, even though the doctors said that the scar will heal with time, but it didn’t. Many times, people come to visit him and show sympathy but he knew how they laugh at his scars behind his back. Even his girlfriend Tania left him due to his scars. He was heartbroken and depressed, when he met Jhumki, who ignores the scars of his face and fell in love with the kind hearted person he actually is. The author also revealed the reason behind the title “I see you” at the end of the story.

One thing I liked the most is that the author has showed not only the love but also the different cultures in every story, whether that’s Assamese language (Lara) , wedding rituals (such as Khubakhubuni) or some famous dishes of that places such as Pithas, the author has written about all of these vividly.

Although the stories are good, but I was not able to link with the characters much. It’s a drawback of most of the anthologies. But, I would give extra point for the author’s efforts.

I would definitely recommend this book it those who love reading anthologies based on love.

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