Review of the book “Bewajah Ek kurbani”

Title: ‘Bewajah’ Ek kurbani

Author: Anand Usha Borkar

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

Genre: Fiction

Language: Hindi

Published : January, 2018

Rating: 3.5/5

The book is about a boy who falls hopefully in love with a girl and is willing to sacrifice everything inexplicably for his love. But, there is something beyond their reach. An evil soul is behind them to take revenge, but the question is why? What might these innocent love birds has done to them? Will their love lose in this battle against the evil? How will this guy save his love from this evil soul? Read this book to know these answers.

The book is a perfect blend of suspense and thriller, with a little element of horror. It is fast paced and can be easily read in one sitting. The book is divided into 5 chapters and each one has a good element of thrill. The plot is good, but reminded me of many Bollywood horror movies. The story was somewhat predictable but still had some elements of suspense and kept me hooked. There are many Hindi shayaris in the book, which make it more interesting.

The cover is good, and the title is apt. By the time book ends, you will know the reason behind the title “Bewajah: Ek Kurbani”.

After a long time, I read a book in my mother tongue ‘Hindi’. But, I was not much satisfied with the language, I found it mediocre. The vocabulary used is also very much average. It was absolutely not something I was expecting. I grew up reading some great works of Indian writers and I realized that the language used in them is truly unmatched. But, I also appreciate the effort of the author, as even after knowing that there has been a decline in the popularity and readership of Hindi novels, the author still decided to publish this book. So a plus point here.

I would surely recommend this book to the admirers of Hindi novels that use simple language.

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