Mumbai Food guide ( Part 1)

Thousands of people come to Mumbai, in search of love, fame money, memories and what not. And all these people need the best taste of Mumbai street food. So, here is a list of some pocket-friendly meals, one must try when visit the Film city, Mumbai.

1. Hot n Spicy corn at Bandra Bandstand

Visiting Bandra bandstand after 7 pm was a whole different experience. People, belonging to different social statutes, come here to enjoy this hot, spicy and crispy Corn. I felt on top of the world, enjoying this corn amidst the darkness of the night, and cool breeze of the ocean.

Juhu Beach, isย popular among tourists. Along with the breath-taking view of the sea, you can enjoy really scrumptious meal at the food stalls situated in the corners of the beach. This place is perfect for one to enjoy some “me” time.

2. Mix kulfi falooda at Juhu Beach

There are more than 30 flavours of Kulfi falooda. I selected best 10 out of these to get the Mix Kulfi Falooda, because tasting each and every flavour was not possible, as per my budget, but still I needed to try most of them. So, I requested them to make this special one for me. I thought it won’t taste good, when I first saw it. But, I was on cloud nine when I tasted it.
If you ever visit Juhu Beach, you must try this faalooda.

3. Chinese Bhel at Juhu Beach

Bhel Puri is an Indian snack, but the chinese touch added to it made it more delicious. Must try it, when you visit Mumbai.

4. Pav Bhaji at Juhu Beach

” What is the best thing to eat in Mumbai?”
If you ask this question to anyone living in Mumbai, they reply will be either Pav Bhaji or Vada Pav.
I thought, the taste of Bhaji made here, would be very similar to what I eat in Delhi. But, trust me, the taste was not even close, it was much more delicious than any pav bhaji I ever had.

5. Sitaphal Custard at Hajiali Dargah

Hajiali Dargah
I ate Sitaphal (Sugar Apple) Custard there. Although I hate this vegetable, but I had to try this custard once, as someone suggested me to try this, when I was on my way to Mumbai. And, it really turned out to be lip-smacking, I have never tasted a custard like this one, ever in my life.
Cream, Sitaphal (Sugar Apple) and milk, I didn’t know one could make something so delicious out of these three ingredients. It was really mouth carving.

6.Black current kufi falooda At Girgaon Chowpatty

One could guess its taste, just by the name. I mean, who doesn’t like Black current flavour. There were many other flavours, but I specifically chose this one. The taste was very different, and was a perfect blend of berries and dry fruits.

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  1. Mehak says:

    Very Helpful for those who visit the place for the first time. Do share more such posts.

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  2. Ashraf says:

    Kamaal ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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