Food & Mood

Can food change my mood?

Can food change your mood? Yes it can, simply because emotions are just chemical reactions and so whatever can affect these reactions can affect your mood.

Food can change your brain chemistry and so affect your emotions in turn. After knowing what food regulates your mood you can help yourself live a happier life.

Eating habits that improve the mood

Eating until you become full might appear like a good idea but the truth is that this feeling of fullness might result in feelings of dizziness, tiredness and laziness.

I have discovered that if I ate until I become full I feel tired until the excess food is digested, not to mention the health risks that are associated with eating more than the needs of your body.

The other eating habit that can make you feel really bad is eating without even being hungry. Emotional eating, escaping to food and all other habits that force you to eat while you are not hungry will result in bad feelings right after you finish eating.

Feelings are nothing more than physical changes that happen in your body, stomach aches that result from the excess food are immediately translated into feelings of irritation and sadness.

Can you feel happy while you have a headache? It can rarely happen, the same goes for trying to be happy while your stomach is full of extra undigested food or soda that contains three times your daily body needs of sugar.

-Rituraj Anand

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  1. mehak says:

    That’s a good reminder! Keep posting such stuffs😊

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  2. Saumya says:

    Keep the yummy food blogging carried on😊😊😊😊😊

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    1. Dhanyawad πŸ’—πŸ‘Œ


  3. pramegha says:

    That’s some information I didn’t know. Great post

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      1. pramegha says:

        You are welcome 🌸

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