Over Sensitivity

Over sensitivity defined
Over sensitivity is the trait that lets you become overly affected by an external influence that can hardly affect normal people. For example not being able to tolerate Constructive criticism that other people normally tolerate is a sign of over sensitivity.

life of an over sensitive person
The life of an over sensitive person is much different than the life of other people.
The over sensitive person feels the pain in an exaggerated way and so has problems tolerating life difficulties. The over sensitive person forms anchors or associations faster than anybody else. For example if he had a real bad experience in a different country that he visited then after he gets back he may hate the country as a whole because he associated the pain he felt with the place.

over sensitivity and mood swings
Over sensitive people are more likely to have bad moods, to get depressed and to be moody because their mode changes whenever any small event happens.
An emotionally sensitive person is like a fragile person or a person who should be handled with care. The biggest problem is that most people don’t have enough knowledge to realize that they are dealing with an emotionally sensitive person and so they may cause him a lot of pain without realizing this.

sensitivity and breakups
Over sensitive people may have a hard time getting over the person they loved simply because they feel the pain that results from a breakup in an exaggerated way.

you are not bad!!
There are many good things about being emotionally sensitive person. First An emotionally sensitive person feels people’s suffering more than anyone else and so in most cases he tends to be a nice and friendly person.
Emotionally sensitive people usually have creative abilities and that’s why they sometimes excel at arts or poetry.

If dealing with over sensitivity.
There are many ways that can help you deal with your over sensitivity but most of them stem from one source which is changing your way of thinking and your perception of situations.

After all even if you are an over sensitive person you still won’t feel bad after experiencing a situation before you give it a certain meaning. If you managed to change your way of thinking you will be able to reap the benefits of emotional sensitivity and avoid its drawbacks.

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